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This deviation was deleted

First of all I would like to say how well chosen I blieve the subject is. Not a lot of people think about why they write and why others write.
You wrote a lot about the darker sides of why we write. Pain, hurt, fear; but are those the only things to write about? There's a contrast in the point of expressing yourself. What I liked very much though, was that you stayed focused on the aspects, that seem more important to you, the expression of things that hold us back and build chaines around us.

Especially good was the second verse. Rain and everything else that in the night makes sounds in front of the window, seems scary. This fear adds to the aleady big fear we have already had. To be able to relax during that shows strenght and an ability to control your fear.

All in all I thought this was a very good piece, which had a very well chosen topic, that was (more importantly) very well displayed.
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